Genepredectis طباعة ارسال لصديق
What is predictive medicine ?
Each individual displays a specific genetic information (deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA) making each human
unique. This uniqueness determines specific strengths and weaknesses related to various diseases, to drug safety and efficacy, as well as our
ability to respond to oxidative stress.

Predictive medicine is a personalised approach in medicine based on targeted genetic analysis.

Genetic profiling allows a better understanding of yourself. You will be able to optimise your health
management in a rationale, prospective and personalised way.

At present, predictive medicine is the most powerful approach allowing for a tailored management of risk factors related to diseases and drug safety.
How is the genetic test performed ?
The genetic test is carried out using a simple, sterile buccal swab. The procedure is easy and painless. Specific genetic markers will thereafter be analysed from the collected cells.

For appropriate collection, the patient should be fasting three hours before sampling.

Each genetic analysis requires a written informed consent from the patient.
Who will benefit from a genetic test ?
Each individual desiring to invest in his health will benefit from a genetic test.

Available genetic profiles focus on several health issues. Any type of genetic screening test will be
determined together with a predictive medicine specialist. Clients desire and health habits will be taken into account.

The Better Ageing profile : a very extensive genetic profile. In-depth survey of genetical risk factors
for increased risk for cardiovascular diseases (coagulation disorders and high blood pressure), osteoporosis, lipid disorders and glaucoma. In addition,
genes playing a role in drug safety and efficacy, as well as in the ability to respond to oxidative stress are also investigated.
How can these results be used in everydays life ?
A team of physicians, pharmacologists and biologists will provide you with a unique genetic personalised report. At present treatments, clinical status and family history will be merged with your
genetic profile.

During the final visit, our predictive medicine specialist will thoroughly discuss your results and practical consequences in everydays life. Tailored therapeutic, nutritional and lifestyle advices will be proposed to maintain and enhance your health.

You will receive a comprehensive tailored report, your personal genetic passport (credit card size) summarising results useful in therapy optimisation
as well as a CD-rom with additional information. The report extensively describes analysis and results,
and suggests a targeted prevention strategy for many diseases (osteoporosis, cardiovascular
diseases, hypertension, glaucoma) allowing risk factors modulation by acting on environmental issues.

The personalised choice of treatment in agreement with you genetic heritage has came to reality. This approach will optimise both drugs response and

Your genes are here to stay, once in life testing is enough, the sooner the better !






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