These are various methods used to reduce the effects of ageing:

A number of investigations will be made to determine the most suitable method, these include the following:

  • Review of family history to detect genetic tendencies, in order to develop certain pathologies.
  • Personal history to detect possible weak points of the individual.
  • Patients current diseases, and prescribed treatments
  • The hormonal status, in case of possible substitutions
  • Dietry analysis to determine and compensate for possible deficiencies

Following Amnethis and clinical examination, and review of the laboratory analysis, a proposal for long-term treatment will be made which could include dietry and hormonal supplements.

Predictive medicine is an approach based on genetics and study of the personal polymorphisms (SNP): The analysis of DNA makes it possible to determine for an individual their "weak and strong points" on a genetic level. From this upon adaptation of lifestyle and dietry recommendations, one has the possibility of preventing degenerative diseases or disorders.

This analysis has a high initial cost but is made only once (not covered under normal sickness insurance policies).

Price for the consultation is: Fr 300.

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