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Application of acid to the skin, to induce peeling and create natural skin regeneration.






These treatments are classified in 3 types:

  • Surface peelings
  • Average peelings
  • Deep peelings

Surface peelings :

These are abrasions of the skin, comparable with mechanical micro dermal abrasion. Using fruit acids (AHA), the glycolic acid drawn from sugar cane, and depending on the acidity (pH), these peelings will be less abrasive.

We use glycolic acid with 50% -70% concentration, applied for up to 2 minutes, after which a thermal mask. This process allows careful regeneration of the skin, without need for an interval in the treatment. The after effects are similar to those of mild sunstroke. This treatment leads to a general improvement in the appearance of the skin, together with tightening of the pores and helping to reduce the number of blemishes. It also helps to reduce the effects of acne. Best results are normally achieved over at least 3 sessions, with intervals of around 15 days in between.
Price: Fr 200. - per session.

This treatment is carried out by the aesthetician, with close supervision by the doctor.

Average peelings :

Easy TCA :

Peeling which is a little more aggressive, carried out one or several times. Eliminates the skin and part of the surface dermis and is recommended for pigmentary disorders or improvement of ‘average’ wrinkles. Requires an interval during treatment of around 3-4 days.
Price: Fr 300. – per session

Amelan R :

A peeling in the form of a mask, specific to problems of hyper pigmentation. Requires skin preparation over a period of 1 month, with ‘Dermamelan’ cream, and follow-up using the same, as well as maximum solar protection.
Price Fr 500. – per session

Blue Peel (Obagi) :

Deepest of average peelings, requiring an interval of at least a week during treatment, following pre preparation of the skin during a 1 month period (Retin-A):

Improves the quality and texture of the skin, spots and fine wrinkles.
Price: Fr 1' 200. - 1' 500.

Deep peelings :

Phenol Peeling and concentrated Tri-chloracetic acid peelings.

Requiring a general anaesthesia, and normally undertaken on very deep wrinkles, they have high tendency to leave skin with hypo pigmentation and present a greater risks of permanent scaring. We do not carry out these types of treatment





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